Day 28 :: 31 Days With Mary—Slowing Down

Day 28 :: 31 Days With Mary—Slowing Down

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I missed Day 27 (yesterday) of my 31 Days With Mary series, because it was my 14th wedding anniversary! I spent part of my day cleaning out my front closet, which I am still working on. And I spent the other part of my day celebrating with my husband and children. It was a great day!


Today, Day 28, I am joining the Yarn Along link up to share what I am reading and what I am about to start knitting.

I am just beginning one of the newest Marian books on the market: Word by Word: Slowing Down With the Hail Mary, edited by Sarah A. Reinhard. This is a collection of short reflections on each word of the Hail Mary prayer. And even though it is a short book, it is meant to be read slowly, to promote deeper mediation on a prayer that is so easily rushed through.

Yarn Along 1

Soon, I will begin a new knitting project that hopefully won’t take me two years to complete. I saw Lion Brand’s color system at Michael’s a few weeks ago, and I was drawn to their coordinating palates. I plan on using these green yarns to knit a cowl for my mom for Christmas (hopefully).

Yarn Along 2

What are you reading? Are you knitting or crafting anything? I’d love to know what you’re up to!

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