Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back Again …

Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back Again …

A line from a favorite song. John Denver’s Leaving On a Jet Plane.
How I used to love that song!
When I was younger, it always made me cry when it was time to return home after being on vacation with extended family members. My cousins would sing it to me, because they knew I’d cry. Mean, huh?! Sigh.

But I use it here, because I have to leave this little virtual corner of the world for awhile. And I don’t know how long. But it will be a good, long while … Maybe for good.

Oh, how I wish I didn’t have to go!
But I must.
This may seem sudden and abrupt, but it has been something I have been discerning since before Lent. Closing comments on my blog was a little experiment to see what I should do.
I have been wrestling and questioning and wondering with the Lord, and I keep getting the same message, which was confirmed on retreat this past weekend:
You need to step back.

It is really, really hard to do this. But as my husband reminded me, “Any sacrifice is going to hurt.”
And I must make this sacrifice, as hard as it is, because it is what is best for myself and for my family. And I know that deep down.

You see, lately, I have been off. I have been overwhelmed and anxious and tired. I can’t quite shake it. I recognize that I am in (another) enormous transition right nowโ€”with my sixth child in eight years and our preparations underway to begin homeschooling in the fall. It is all so wonderful and good and blessed. But at the same time, it is a lot.
Rather than continuing to give in to my anxious and burned-out feelings by distracting myself and getting all the more sidetracked from my real calling, it is time to put aside some external activities that are preventing me from doing God’s will in my own little life. It is time to work on being a bit more quiet, a bit more prayerful, and a bit more focused on the Lord, my family and what is required most of me.

This experience is different than just a passing phase. I’ve been in those, too, when life changes and I have to make adjustments accordingly. This is more physical, mental and spiritual than in the past. I don’t really know how else to explain it.
Like I said before, it is hard. But it is good, too, and it is not without grace and hope!
So, with that, I say goodbye.

For nearly three years, this blog has been such fun! And it has been a blessing, too. Blogging has taught me to appreciate the ordinary, everyday moments of life. Those are the ones that make up the majority of our days, and so we can’t save the celebrating and the reflecting for only the big milestones. We need to remember the everyday events, too, because God is in them more than we realize.
Also, some of you have become friends, and I am so grateful for meeting you! I am grateful for the encouragement you’ve given me, the prayers you’ve prayed for me and my family, the sweet notes along with way, the book suggestions, the many ways you’ve inspired me to be a better Catholic, wife and mother! So, thank you! I am sure I will pop in to visit some of you every once in awhile, because I’ll miss you way too much!
But for now, I say, so long! And God bless!
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17 thoughts on “Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back Again …

  1. You'll be missed.:( All I can say is that a) I'm glad I live in the same neck of the woods as you and b) you are starting your homeschool journey. Both of those mean I'll still be able to keep tabs on you.:) Thank you, Sarah. You are an inspiration!;)

  2. It's okay to say "so long" for now. Trust me; I know! And then, when and if your heart says you're ready…

    And your heart is backed by the encouragement of your husband…

    Who in turn is prompted by the Holy Spirit…

    …you'll pop back in to say hello! And it will be okay and we'll all still be here and we'll say yay! We missed you but we're glad you took time off for YOU.

    As my husband says from time to time: "It's just a blog."
    (He says this, I know, to keep me humble.)

    And he is right, because the blog is meant to be a blessing, not a burden. Just don't do something crazy like deleting it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Blessings to you! You will be missed, but I so admire your reasons for your decision–you will not regret it, I'm sure!

  4. Margaret said well what I mean to say. You'll be missed, but I understand. I've been there myself. And, then I've come back again. Either way, we'll keep you in prayer and wish you God speed.

  5. We'll miss you around here, but I'm sure you'll be back eventually. I hope you have a wonderful First Year of Homeschooling

  6. Have a great first year of homeschooling … you are right, it is a lot! Sincerely hope the time away helps. I still hope to meet you in person … maybe at a future homeschool conference??

  7. First, I love that song, my cousin and I used to have these singing shows and we'd sing that one, along with "The Rose" and "Sung Sung Blue" and a few others like those.

    Fun memories.

    Yes, you will be missed. But you know that.

    Starting to homeschool is a big thing and it can be overwhelming and not having the distractions will help you concentrate on how you want your school run. You can work out the kinks.

    I've taken breaks and it always gives me new perspective on how important or unimportant the blog is.

    I really find it to be a source of hope, all these wonderful Catholic and Christian women out there, like lights lighting up the world.

    In times of lonliness, and there are times of that even with a bunch of kiddos running around, it's a source of love and acceptance.

    It is also a great source of ideas!!!

    Just a few things to remember when those long cold winter months come along.

    Otherwise, you will be in our prayers as you start this new way of life, you will do wonderful!! You will notice wonderful things right away, keep those things in the back of your head when you have those hard days–and you will have those hard days, trust me, you will. Just remember why you are doing it and it will all be worth it.

    God bless you my friend, hope to still meet you in real life sometime.

  8. Whenever I have a moment to check my reader, I am always most excited to see a new post under "More Than Enough"! But, dear friend with a spiritual advantage, I am not surprised to see this post today. ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess if I want to see Joseph (and all your wonderful kids) grow, I'll just have to settle for seeing him in person since that's a thousand times better anyway! Looking forward to seeing you (with kids in tow and without) soon!

  9. A good life involves perpetual (and sometimes agonizing) discernment and I am so encouraged to read the fruits of yours. You will be missed by so many of us but the best news is that you won't be missed by your family. ๐Ÿ™‚ AND… circumstances change and you may be back someday. I have stepped away and come back a number of times over the past few years, particularly during those long stretches when I need a community of sisters to lift me up.

    Sometimes we are called to the contemplative life… and sometimes to the active. We'll be here if you need us. ๐Ÿ™‚

    May God richly bless you for the sacrifices you are making for your children. It is a beautiful thing. Praise God!

  10. I understand you completely. I have been there many times, and I think other bloggers have as well. I gave up blogging fro Lent a few years back and it drove me mad. I didn't even read other blogs, but then about halfway through Lent I realized that I got such inspiration from other blogs that it helped me so much… even in my faith.

    I have been feeling very lack luster lately, thinking I have nothing to share, maybe a photo or two, but not much simply because too much not fun stuff is going on. Like I said, sometimes I wonder if I should stop too.

    I have done it before and usually regret it.

    I support you totally but still hope you come back all the same!

    God bless and I will miss you.

  11. Oh and like Margaret said, DO NOT DELETE IT! Please, trust me on this. I regret so much deleting my old blog. Years of beautiful memories and homeschool posts I will never get back. Gone forever. I did it years ago in a moment of pure insanity. So please, don't delete it.

  12. Oh, I love John Denver too!

    You will be so missed! I have enjoyed seeing all the things you and your family are up to and for the longest time I thought you WERE a homeschooler based on all the cool things you did with your children.

    You have a beautiful family and I pray that your break will result in being restored and focused. I totally understand – once a week posting is plenty for me now!

  13. I've been away for a while myself… and I think I can relate to how you're feeling. It is so understandable needing to get away from blogging for now.

    I feel so blessed by meeting you and your husband this summer at the conference!

    Know that you and your family will continue to be in my prayers. I hope your first year of homeschooling will be everything you all hope for, and more. May God bless you and keep you until we meet again.

  14. You'll be missed by us, but I'm sure your family and those you know in person will be doubly blessed! Praying for renewal for you and continued health and blessings!

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