Faith Knits Us Together

Faith Knits Us Together

* This is a revised post from November 2010! You can find the original article here.

As I prepared for the birth of my sixth child, knitting was a big part of my daily routine. I got to a point in my pregnancy where I really couldn’t do much physically. I wasn’t on official bed rest, but I needed to take it easy. So, I took time each afternoon to sit and knit. Sometimes, I listened to Gregorian chant or the Rosary, while I knitted. And this quiet routine kept me calm, as I anticipated another birth. It was a tremendous source of peace for me.

As I reached the top of a hat I was knitting for my little one still in the womb, I realized I needed help finishing it. So, I went to my favorite yarn store for some assistance. It wasn’t too difficult, but it required some new skills, which the ladies at the yarn store were kind enough to teach me.

As part of my little outing, I invited a new friend to meet me at the yarn shop and go for coffee afterward. My friend had “learn to knit” on her to-do list, so she was eager to  browse all of the lovely, soft, colorful yarn, while I wrapped up my project.

I did not know this woman very well, and I was looking forward to getting to know her better. We already had a few things in common: I was about to have my sixth child, and she had six children. At the time, I didn’t have any close friends with six children, so I was excited to be in the company of someone who has been where I was about to go. She also was a home-schooling mother, and at the time, I was discerning homeschooling.

These things seemed like beautiful reasons to get together. Wouldn’t you agree?

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