Where, Oh Where Has the Week Gone?

Where, Oh Where Has the Week Gone?

It is hard for me to believe it is Friday again! And as I write this point, Friday is more than half over. More over, we are at the beginning of a new month—August, and near the end of summer!

Will I ever cease being surprised at how quickly time flies by?

Last weekend, I finally made it to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market! It is a fabulous farmer’s market! Take a look at all the goodness. We made salad for lunch, and I tell you it tasted far superior to my usual salads. Fresh from the earth! And I also treated the family to farm-fresh eggs and sausage, and we had that for dinner one night! Fabulous!

This week, my husband had his second week of new-job training. Thankfully, he was in town for it, at the office where he will normally work. His new job has postponed our summer vacation by a couple weeks, and I hope it will work out for us to get in some get-away-time before school starts on the 25th!

Speaking of school, I purchased all of my children’s school supplies (minus 13 boxes of tissues and one bottle of hand sanitizer … and specific Scotch brand glue sticks). This included six boxes of crayons, three packs of markers, five colored pencil sets, and I am not going to begin to count the number of notebooks and folders that five school-aged children need! In addition, they needed 10 rolls of paper towels and 10 containers of disinfecting wipes. Whew! It is A LOT! But it also is fun to help them pick out their new notebooks and pencil cases. Even though they may not admit it, by the time August rolls around, they are starting to feel ready to get back to school.

I have been reading a bit more over the past few weeks, finishing a few books. My latest was The Rosie Project, which is really quirky and delightful. I very much enjoyed it! There is more language in it than I’d prefer, but it didn’t take away from the wonderful story. (And it looks like the sequel will be available at the end of the year!)

I started knitting again on my mom’s shawl, but I messed up royally, and I have not had the time or patience to fix it. Ugh.

I probably messed up, because while I knitted, I watched episodes of Cedar Cove on Netflix. Clearly, I cannot do two things at once.

I am making slow progress on my nesting projects. I haven’t had much energy for them when I have the time to work on them, and I get ideas at these really random times when working on them is not feasible. I am trying to be OK with the undone, which is one of the author’s wise encouragements in the book, The Nesting Place.

I do have curtains for the very first time in 12 years! And I love them! But note all the books that I am reorganizing for the repurposing of my bookshelves. (I think I may need more bookshelves!)

This upcoming weekend is low key, which is my favorite kind of weekend! I am going to coffee with my friend Molly this evening. She is about to have her seventh baby, so please pray for her! I will go to my parish’s “morning of reflection for women” tomorrow, where a dear friend is the speaker and where I will be meeting up with a new friend who just moved here from Texas. And my sweet 6yo girl has tutoring tomorrow as well. Please pray for her, too, as she’s struggling right now with reading.

What have you been up to? What are you doing this weekend? Oh, and do you have anything that you need prayers for? If so, let me know in the comments! If not, it’s OK if you just want to say “Hi!”

Happy weekend! Happy August!

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