Next: Where We Go From Here

Next: Where We Go From Here

Well, we’re here! Today is the last day of our series on Resetting the Rhythms of Life.

I wrote this series and offered it on my blog for two reasons:

1. This summer, I asked my email friends a simple question: What are you struggling with the most right now? The responses I received were honest and real. Many people answered similarly, too. The biggest struggle was feeling overwhelmed with life … managing time, prioritizing prayer, and feeling pressure to do it all. I heard frustration in the words that crossed my email inbox. I heard weariness.

2. The new school year came in with a bang, and I spent the month of September embracing new routines, long homework lists, and busy sports schedules. Even though the busyness was the “good kind” of busy, life still felt a little imbalanced. And my body, mind, and spirit needed rest.

Yes, it was clear we all needed to hit the reset button, reprioritize, and begin anew.

And that’s what we did.

During October, we spent some time resetting the rhythms of life. We paused, breathed, and prayed. It was a time to renew, reclaim, refocus, and refresh. Rooted in Scripture, each week we focused on one area of life: prayer, family, attention, and home. We discovered that when we are still and when we wait on the Lord, He meets us in the present moment. We waits with us. And He loves us right here, right now.

What’s Next?

Now that we have reached the end of this series, it is probably clear that we have only just begun this work of resetting the rhythms of life. Our to-do lists probably are not complete, and our homes are not 100% clutter-free. (At least mine isn’t!) But hopefully, we will continue to encounter God in the present moment—no matter what moment we’re in. And when we find ourselves feeling stuck, we will know what to do to overcome discouragement and overwhelming feelings.

Here are a few ideas for next steps:

1. Keep praying. Scripture was the center of this series, because that is where we find perspective, truth, hope, and peace. This is how God speaks to us. This is how we learn to hear His voice. So, I encourage you to keep praying with Scripture. One way to do that is with this printable. This is my gift to you for completing this series with me. It includes a list of the Scripture quotes we prayed with over the past four weeks. Now, when one area or another feels imbalanced, you have a quick reference to the truth God wants to speak to you.

2. Be thankful. As we enter the month of November, let’s keep gratitude at the center of our lives. I know that when I am thankful, my perspective changes, and things don’t seem so overwhelming. Here is a gratitude list (another gift!) for you to print and keep handy throughout the month.

3. Keep in touch. I would be delighted to keep in touch with you! I send out a weekly note to my email friends, which is all about encouraging us in the present moment. If you are interested in receiving it, simply click here. (Bonus: I offer occasional freebies only to my email friends! One is coming up for Advent!)

4. Fill it out. If you have not filled out the survey I have created for this series, please do so at your earliest convenience. It will take less than five minutes, and your thoughts and ideas are so important to me.

Thank you for joining me this October, as we reset life’s rhythms … together!

This is part of a 31-day series on resetting the rhythms of life. To read more about this series and see each day’s posts, click here. Photo: Unsplash

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