How I Reconnected With God Through a “Grown-up VBS”

How I Reconnected With God Through a “Grown-up VBS”

Have you heard the Christmas song “Grown-Up Christmas List”? Many singers have recorded it, but the version I am most familiar with is on Amy Grant’s Home for Christmas album.

The lyrics reflect back on childhood when Christmas included writing out a wish list and sending it to Santa Claus. As children, we hope for the magical appearance of presents underneath the tree on Christmas morning. However, as we grow up, our Christmas wishes change. We realize that we care less about material goods, and we begin hoping for less tangible gifts like peace, joy, friendship, and healing.

Last week, that song came to mind as I was sitting in the Adoration chapel at my church. My children were completing their week of Vacation Bible School, and I was closing out my own “Grown-up VBS.”

My “Grown-Up VBS” didn’t include crafts and catchy songs to teach me about my faith. It didn’t involve playing games and eating snacks. Rather, it simply consisted of time with God. Time I haven’t taken enough of lately, but time I so greatly need.

During the two-and-one-half hours I had without my kids each morning, I could have done a myriad of activities. I could have sat with my feet up and made a dent in my ever-growing stack of books to read. I could have rolled up my sleeves and got some much-needed cleaning done. There were hundreds of options, really, but the one that made the most sense to me was taking the week to do exactly what my kids were doing: immersing myself in the love of God.

With the transitional year I just had, I knew I needed to find my way back to a more consistent prayer life. I needed to reconnect with the Lord …

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