Where’s My Advent Wreath?

Where’s My Advent Wreath?

It’s on backorder. That’s where!

I just found this out minutes ago, and I don’t know what to do. I know I was late in ordering it, but I had no idea it was on backorder until I called to inquire. The company has no idea when it will arrive.
So, I have to decide what to do …
a) Run out and find something else. Tonight! And if I do this, should I go ahead and keep the one I ordered, which is the one I really want?
b) While waiting for it to arrive, try and salvage my old, make-shift Advent wreath with the pillars that don’t quite glow anymore. This also includes finding greenery in my yard to decorate it a bit.
c) Wait and not really have a wreath until it arrives, whenever that is.
d) Open to other suggestions.
I am so disappointed that our Advent isn’t starting out the way I planned. Maybe it’s my fault, though, that I didn’t actually execute all the plans and ideas that were floating around in my head on time. I just couldn’t get past Thanksgiving. And bam! Now it’s Advent, and I feel behind.
Of course I remember that I really don’t want Advent to be stressful and filled with lots of activities to make me feel overwhelmed. But I didn’t think that included the Advent wreath tradition!
Come, Lord Jesus. And use this as an opportunity for me to grow. Grow in my faith. Grow in simplicity and the ability to let go. Grow closer to You right where I am. Amen.
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8 thoughts on “Where’s My Advent Wreath?

  1. Dont stress out. Just make one for now. Paper towel cardboard…wrap purple around it…add a flame paper candle and some paper leaves!!! Ta-DA

  2. I'm so sorry. I obsess over the Advent wreath far too much. I finally found one last year that I like, but every year it sort of depressed me. I hope it arrives soon.

  3. I'm not set up for Advent at all, yet. We have a simple advent wreath … it's not beautiful, but I don't worry because by the end of Advent it's so covered in wax that I'm grateful for its simplicity! I always scrap and clean before putting it away.

    Christine's idea is a great one (one of our kids made a construction paper wreath in RE and we take it out at Advent) to use until your wreath arrives.

  4. Our kids have made paper wreaths in the past as well. Then you can add a removable paper flame to "light" each night. We make a homemade wreath every year in a glass pie plate with cedar greens from our yard and four votive candles in glass holders. Works fine and smells good too!

    Trust in God and it will all be fine. God bless!

  5. I planned ahead, Sarah, and bought a new wreath and even though it wasn't inexpensive I've had to hot glue it several times! Urg!

    Ann's idea is a good one. Or you could always set a pretty, white linen square on the table, and place four votive glasses (or jelly jars) on the square. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find pink and purple votives — if you have a Hallmark nearby. Then you can keep the wreath when it comes.

  6. I was going to suggest one candle (even if in a jar) for now. Even if you have to use it all through Lent. The idea is really to gather as a family and practice the Faith. IF your wreath comes before Advent is over, switch out; if not, and it comes in just days after, put white tapers in and use it.
    Advent = waiting. I know it is waiting on the Lord, but . . . p'praps waiting on this is a good exercise, too; in that, not making it stress you out. Keep your focus on His coming. 😉

  7. I could have written your post, only I DO know where our wreath is, I just have not had the chance to go get all the Advent/Christmas boxes out of the basement yet!

    We are doing Holy Heroes though, that counts, right?

    I say wait. think how nice it will be next year!

  8. The Advent wreaths are so fancy now. I'm such an old fogey — plain and simple and traditional. But if you can't get yours now, just use a round plate or bowl with sides, use votive candles in holders and put a few greens on it. You can use fake greens. Safer that way, you know!

    Every year I get the message from God that I'm not running this Advent show. I know your feelings! I have to remember my plans are mere suggestions and God is running the show! I am a slow learner, though!

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