A Month of Thanksgiving —10

A Month of Thanksgiving —10

This November, I plan to post 30 days of gratitude. Here is Day 10 …

36. My oldest daughter, who turns 12 today
37. All the things that bring her joy: a letter in the mail, a good book, Red Velvet Cake
38. Being a mom … As imperfect as I am at it, I really do love it
39. Surprising her with the gift of ear piercing!

40. Her glow in the light of birthday candles

41. My husband who is such a good dad … so good that he even wrote a rap song for my daughter’s birthday (He normally writes the kids poems on their birthdays, but for this 12th birthday, he decided to branch out!)


Linking up with fellow blogging friend Jenny from The Littlest Way. If you would like to join us in counting your blessings each day in November, please share your link or just your list each day in the comments section on her blog.

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3 thoughts on “A Month of Thanksgiving —10

  1. How awesome that he decided to branch out! He is obviously a very talented poet/rapper, lol! Many birthday blessings to your lovely 12 year old.

  2. Happy birthday to your 12 year old! My daughter just got her ears pierced for her 12th birthday in September too. How awesome that your husband gifts them with a thoughtful poem and even made it more special with a rap. Wow!

  3. Yeah, he is pretty awesome! I love the poems he's written for our kids' birthdays. They always bring a smile and touch my heart so much! I know the kids feel pretty special, too. This rap, though, brought something else to the table … Oh, and he also yodels! He won 1st place at our parish's Oktoberfest! LOL

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