Here & There on the Web

Here & There on the Web


Often, my writing feels like an ebb and flow. I have times when I feel like I am present here on a regular basis, and there are other times, when the weeks fly by before I realize that I haven’t written a peep … here, anyways.

The past few weeks, I have been quiet here, I know. But I have been blessed to be in a few other places on the world wide web:

Saints in 16 Book Club: Chapters 5 and 6
Daily Gospel Reflection for February 2, 2016—Presentation of the Lord

New Evangelizers

Lent: Experiencing the Season Through Our Five Senses

WINE: Women in the New Evangelization

Lenten Planning with Christ at the Center
Into the Deep: When God Invites You to Change


In going with the theme of some of the articles I mention above, tomorrow we begin Lent! Can you even believe it?

As I have been thinking about Lent, the words that keep coming to mind are “maximize this time.” I have gotten two confirmations on this, which makes me a little nervous. (Ha!)

1) This article over at

2) Pope Francis’ Lenten message: For all of us, then, the season of Lent in this Jubilee Year is a favorable time to overcome our existential alienation by listening to God’s word and by practicing the works of mercy … Let us not waste this season of Lent, so favorable a time of conversion!

Not sure where this will take me this Lent, but that’s OK! Are you thinking about Lent? How is God leading you?


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  1. Lent wakes me up from having done very little that’s worthwile, and so I need to forget me and hear Him and what He told me to day in His gospel of love and mercy.

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