Yarning Along …

Yarning Along …

… with Ginny is something I look forward to each week! I missed all of the projects and books last week, because I had just given birth to a healthy baby boy!
I guess I’m on what is called a babymoon, and I am loving every moment. My new routine involves a nice afternoon siesta. My baby usually takes an extra-long nap at this time of day, and we just snuggle the afternoon away in my big, comfy chair! I usually doze off, but when I’m awake, it is the perfect time to get a bit of knitting in. And when my children return from school or wake up from their naps, I am more than available to read a book or two with them. I know this little ritual won’t last forever, but for now, it is wonderful, and I am grateful for this special time with my new son.

This week, I cast on a Milo vest for my 3yo daughter. (It is her turn for a hand-knit!) I think I started over about three times, though. I blame the pain meds that I am taking for my recovery =)
A new Christmas book that my children and I are enjoying is Joy to the World by Tomie dePaola. It is a collection of three of his storiesโ€”The Night of Las Posadas, The Story of the Three Wise Kings and The Legend of the Poinsettiaโ€”as well as select Christmas carols and dePaola’s famous illustrations.
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15 thoughts on “Yarning Along …

  1. Congratulations Sarah, he's beautiful! I haven't been online and missed this, what a great day to have a baby ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your new Milo yarn, it will be so sweet! Take care and God Bless, Merry Christmas, and what a present indeed!

  2. Congratulations! What a cutie! That vest is going to be gorgeous; I love the color and that pattern, which I see all over blogland. Someday, when I learn to knit…

  3. Congratulations! I don't check the blogs for a few days and see what I miss! What a joyful gift. Blessings to all of you (and WOW you are talented with yarn!!)!

  4. I love Tomie de Paola!
    I have his Christmas Carol book, and even if we don't always play from it, it looks perfect on our piano ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the visit!

  5. =) I know exactly what you are talking about. I think today is the first day I didn't take my afternoon nap! We watched "Flipped" instead. Cute movie. I can't wait to see the Milo vest progress. I just knit a bit mistake into my cardigan, but it's all fixed already!

  6. Congrats on the birth of your wonderful little one! Praise God for his glorious entry into the world!

    I am with Ginny… what is that yarn!?

  7. Thanks for all of the sweet comments and congratulatory notes!

    Ginny and Erinโ€”The yarn is Cleckheaton Country Paint Box, color 30. It's a washable wool, DK weight.

  8. congratulations! he is so cute!!! looks like a lovely knit and i love tomie de paola books. merry christmas! how wonderful to have your newborn baby at home with you all this christmas.

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