Day 13: #31 Days—Sharing Our Story at

Day 13: #31 Days—Sharing Our Story at

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Looking back on her preschool years, I now recognize the early warning signs, such as difficulty hearing rhyming words, like cat, hat, and mat.

Throughout Kindergarten, I saw her struggling, but I wasn’t worried, until I started receiving notes from her teacher that she falling behind. In Kindergarten? Really?

No amount of phonetic worksheets would catch her up, though. Nor would a repeat of Kindergarten.

You see, my daughter has Dyslexia. She is the one child in five that does, the 20 percent. Dyslexia involves difficulty with reading, spelling, writing, and pronunciation. It does not, however, affect intelligence. In fact, many people with Dyslexia are bright and gifted.

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